Our Story...

One way to humanize an event is by adding the colours of life to it. Every individual has their own stories and that makes their big day special. The memories go down the lane.

Make it Happen is an Event Management Company that covers the widest range of events in Dubai where we believe in creating glamourous evenings for you in a way that will eventually remain with you with a top-notch experience. Your special days with your loved ones, your dream destination event and the big days, we got it all covered as planned

Your inception, our execution!

We are your personalised event designers just a click away!

It is all about the Events, Experience and Entertainment. 

Our Approach

A hassle-free and remarkable experience with a high level of entertainment. 

We believe in putting in undivided attention to your requirements and its details in every size of the event.  We understand and humanize a thought thoroughly and knowing its importance to create a canvas and colour it with perfection. 

Designing and featuring the traditions and cultures and by blending the modern styles into awestruck ceremonies making it fun, entertaining, meaningful and luxurious.  

Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Birthday parties, Bridal & Baby showers, Gala dinner events, Award ceremonies, Sports events, Silent auctions, Destination management, Music festivals, Concerts, Private parties in Dubai and globally, we got it all covered with new themes, concepts and experiences designed in an exclusive way that represents your personality.  

We recognize that superior service makes the difference in an event to stand out and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of services and convenience to assist with your specifications.

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